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June 4th, 2011
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One crucial aspect of my game that I have been thinking of for a while has been that of in-game achievements. There is just something about the hormones that get secreted in your brain the first time that sound or notification goes off that hooks you like the first line. I have come up with an initial set of 40 achievements that I will hopefully have implemented by the next seed. Your challenge: tell me what you think in the comments below, let me know of any cool ideas you have for achievements and bonus points for anyone that can name all the movie, video game or cultural references below.

Tentative Achievements

First bold line is the name of the achievement.
Second line is the description that you see before you get the achievement.
The third line is the description that you see after you get the achievement.

Boot Camp
Finish the in-game tutorial and learn how to battle like a fierce warrior.
Completed battle boot camp and survived with only 50% brain matter loss!

Contributing Member Of Society
Give something back by creating your own fortress design and marking it as publicly available for others to use.
Created an original fortress design and gave it back to society to use. We won’t debate the actual merits of said design.

Custom Built
Deploy one of your own custom fortress designs in battle and emerge victorious.
Won a game using a fortress of your very own design. I told you this planet’s building codes were useless.

Rookie’s Luck
Enter battle and emerge the victor.
Somehow managed to win a game as a noob. I guess experience isn’t everything!

Start A Fight With A Total Stranger
Complete a game with someone you don’t know through “Instant Action”.
Met somebody new, then blew their fortress up. Is this how friends start?

Keep Your Enemies Close…
Complete a game with someone on your friends list and learn their diabolical tactics in detail.
Smashed a friend’s fortress in fierce battle. The friends that battle together stay together.

Finish Him
Put a complete stranger in their place by winning a game through “Instant Action”.
Bested an anonymous opponent in a bout of mortal combat.

Good Game
Give yourself something to brag about by playing a game with someone on your friends list and royally trouncing them.
Claimed victory over a friend in battle. You’re still friends right?

Battle Hardened
Earn your stripes by winning 5 games.
5 other players were foolish enough to challenge you. They learned their lesson.

Angry Zurps
Beat down 15 opponents by ripping victory from their cold dead hands.
Claimed what is rightfully yours by making orphans 15 times.

The General
Sometimes experience really does make the difference. Prove it by claiming 50 victories to your name.
Patton ain’t got nothing on you. You’ve sent 50 brave warriors to their graves.

The Old College Try
Take your experience one way or another. Lose 5 games to those more deserving of victory than you.
Learned your lessons the hard way from 5 better warriors.

Flawless Victory
Play a perfect round and win a game without losing any of your warriors.
Left no Zurp behind and took no casualties in a victorious battle.

Face humiliating defeat without destroying any of the opponents warriors. Or throw the match, I don’t care.
Somehow you lost against a player without destroying any of his warriors. It’s not fair. They must have been cheating.

Win a game by firing nothing but the tank shell. They’re cheap you know.
Plinked the opponent to death with nothing but tank shells. How embarrassing!

Win a game using nothing but the gravity bomb. Fly them to the moon.
Sent an opponent to the stars by using only the gravity bomb to win a game.

Greased Pig
Win the contest by claiming victory in a game only using the friction bomb. Just like back on the farm.
Beat an opponent by sliding them to death. Beat them so hard they slid into next week.

Heh Heh, Fire!, Fire!, Fire!
Torch an opponent till they are charred rubble by defeating them with nothing but the fire bomb.
Set the dial to extra crispy and roasted an opponent with only the fire bomb.

Rainbow Roll
Variety is the spice of life. Win a match using every weapon at least once.
Embraced cultural diversity and tried one of everything. Then learned about food poisoning.

Lucky 7s
Deal out 777 points of damage during a game. We don’t care if you win or lose.
Dealt out 777 points of damage during the course of a game. Going to try out the stock market next.

Sky High
Launch one of your opponent’s warriors into the stratosphere (500 meters) at any time during a game.
Catapulted an opponent’s warrior into low orbit (500 meters). Asked how the weather was up there.

Going The Distance
Help your opponent go the distance by blasting one of his warriors 500 meters from the center of the arena.
Pro: Sent an enemy warrior 500 meters from the battle center. Con: They now charge long distance when you call him.

Win a game without firing any weapons at all. You might need your friends to help with this one.
Won a game without firing any weapons. Ghandi would be proud, then he would wonder what aliens are doing on this planet.

Speed Racer
Finish a game within 10 minutes of real time. Let QA handle the rest.
Finished a game within 10 minutes of real time. Forget savoring the moment.

One Hit Wonder
Win a game on your first turn. I mean really, who needs more than one turn?
Won a game on the first turn. They didn’t even see it coming.

Re-live one of your completed games by watching it again through the timeline. Then unlock the “Primer” achievement.
Watched a completed game again for the first time through the timeline. Next up, try for the “Primer” achievement.

Bullet Time
Pause the game and observe an opponent by circling around them while their fortress is exploding/collapsing.
Relished in the opponent’s max pain by stopping time and going all matrixy on them.

Jack Of All Trades
Complete the “Peashooter”, “Moonshot”, “Greased Pig” and “Heh Heh, Fire!, Fire!, Fire!” achievements with all your copious free time.
Completed the “Peashooter”, “Moonshot”, “Greased Pig” and “Heh Heh, Fire!, Fire!, Fire!” achievements and gained all the glory that comes with them.

Purple Rain
Earn this achievement by covering a block with friction goop and then us the gravity bomb to launch it into the air.
Something was in the air. It was gravity-reversed blocks with friction goop evaporating off of them.

It’s The Only Way To Be Sure
Deploy the nuke and become the solver of all problems everywhere.
Had the stones to deploy the peacemaker. Forgot about radiation poisoning.

Critical Hit
Prove that you are a force to be reckoned with by dealing 5000 points of damage in one turn.
Struck fear into the hearts of all by dishing out 5000 points of damage in one epic turn.

Epic Fail
Do 750 points of damage to your own fortress. Don’t worry, we’ll tell people it was an accident.
Did 750 points of damage to your own fortress. Thought it was the enemy’s.

Friends Forever
Cause two of your warriors to bump into each other and stay touching through your turn.
Kept the peace. Caused two warriors to (physically) stick together through a turn.

Enemy Territory
Send a brave warrior deep into the bowls of the enemy’s fortress.
Sent a warrior across enemy lines and strike at the heart of the beast.

Collect $1000 of money into your coffers. Cash is king in this economy.
Scrooged your way to $1000 in the bank. Do you know how many slurpees that can buy?

The National Debt
Quick! Spend your money before it de-values! Spend $300 in one turn.
Spent $300 in one turn. Regrets that they didn’t spend it on rent.

Busy Beaver
Play an entire game in which you always fire at least two weapons per turn. No need for subtlety right?
Played a game where they always fired at least two shots per turn. Also, can’t pay credit card bill.

All Your Base
Earn this achievement by destroying every single, solitary block of your opponent’s fortress.
Left no survivors. Destroyed every block of the opponent’s fortress. Now feeling lonely.

Davy Jones’ Locker
Send at least 5 blocks from your enemy’s fortress to the great beyond by pushing them into the liquid in one game.
Gave 5 enemy blocks cement galoshes and arranged for them to sleep with the fishes.

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