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Much Faster CryptoJS SHA1

May 17th, 2014
Spencer Nielsen Follow snielsen42 on Twitter


SHA1 is a pretty crucial part of my current startup, Ultralink. We need to be able to have (relatively) decent uniqueness calculation and change detection and need to be able to do it really quickly on a lot of content. We picked SHA1 because it is widely supported, simple to implement and fast. For the portions of Ultralink that run in Javascript, we needed to include CryptoJS, a third-party library. CryptoJS appears to be the go-to library for cryptographic functions in Javascript and seemed to fit our bill perfectly. Development was humming along and everything was fine. We would occasionally do performance passes and stress tests on desktop web browsers and the SHA1 calculation wasn’t even on the radar for perf offenders. Once we started taking a look on iOS devices though, specifically Mobile Safari, then it was a completely different story… (more…)

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