Think Tank
Never let a good idea get away again!

Think Tank does just one thing and does it well. Think Tank records and organizes the awesome ideas that you think of in the spur of the moment.

Do you ever think of some neat idea for a project or an invention but don't write it down? How often do you remember it even the next day? Maybe you have a paper notepad or a file on one of your devices where you jot things down. But how do you keep that jumble of ideas categorized and organized?

The next time inspiration hits, launch Think Tank and use it to record the idea name, category, description and a subjective 1 to 5 rating that you can use for your own purposes. Think Tank launches quickly and has a simple, straightforward interface that puts your ideas forward. Your ideas are sorted by type and rating so that you can quickly review them or find the next project you want to work on.

Never let a good idea get away again!
Let Think Tank capture it.

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