Here is where a few of Aoren Software's old projects have come to rest for the time being. Perhaps one day they will be ressureccted and re-emerge in some form or another but for now they reside here in the Archives.


Vision is a 3D Window Server and User Interface project. It was developed to research next generation interface and display ideas. Vision was designed from the ground up to break away from old paradigms and provide the interface needs of the future.


Deadlock is a copy protection/registration solution aimed at providing anti-hack detection and countermeasures to any program that uses time based demo functionality and per machine registration. It includes the functionality necessary to verify registration, return a unique identifier for the computer running the program, cryptographically complete registration and protect against attempts to use the program for longer than a time limit without registration. It requires Xcode, Mac OS X Tiger or above and an Intel based Mac. It it designed to work with products that produce universal binaries for Max OS X Tiger and above and has not been tested with 64-bit binaries.

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