Startup 1.1 (July Update)

July 20th, 2011
Spencer Nielsen Follow snielsen42 on Twitter

The Startup version 1.1 has been approved and is live on the App Store! There are some cool new features in this update! Try them out and let us know what you think.

Info Pane

First, we have condensed a lot of information into a new “Info” pane:

  • The complete details about the speaker and event.
  • A map of where the event is being held (touch it to go look it up in the Maps application).
  • A sponsor banner so you know who to thank for your free pizza that night (Wanna be a sponsor? Email Us).

This pane is the new hub of every event and is the pane that you now start in.

Questions Pane

Next we have the “Questions” pane. Here you can pose a question that you want to ask the speaker before or during the event. Word your questions carefully because they have your name attached to them ;).

You can upvote other people’s questions if you like them simply by touching them. During the event Derek will key off of the higher voted questions. You can only vote for a particular question once.


In addition to having a “Checked-In” pane we now have a “RSVP” pane which lists all the meetup members that have RVSP’d yes to the event. This way you can do research beforehand on the people that are going and make sure that you know exactly who you need to meet before the event even starts. Just use the search bar at the top to find who you are looking for (it searches name, bio and checkin/rsvp comment).

Spend some time time searching through our attendees. We have some really awesome people coming to the Startup Grind!

We have also of course done a lot of bug squashing (the “Stream” pane will not crash you anymore) and some aesthetic design tweaks here and there. We hope that you find the new update enhances your experience at the Startup Grind!

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