Help Name My Game!

February 8th, 2011
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Testing out some new explosive weapons in the editor.

So after a month and a half of heavy development I am almost ready to unveil my game to the world and start alpha testing! There are just a few things that need to happen first though, the most important of which is that I need to find a name for this thing!

This game is a creative 3D physics game in which players take turns trying to destroy each other’s fortresses with different weapons and strategies. Players need to be clever in their choice and use of weapons, strike a balance between spending and saving resources, and have a pinch of luck to succeed. Players can even take their game to the next level by creating their own castle designs and pitting them against their friends.

Thematically I have been thinking that I want it to have a light-hearted, silly and fun tone to it but also have tons of big explosions and loud weapons.

So what should such a game be called? (pick up to 5)
Got an idea for name? Let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. I have decided to go with Cannonade! Thanks for your input everybody!

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7 Responses to “Help Name My Game!”

  1. Christopher Martin Says:

    I’m thinking Castle Blast! or Castle Blaster! or Castle Blastle!

  2. Christopher Martin Says:

    btw, this game looks totally sweet! Kudos for a unique, fun game idea

  3. snielsen Says:

    Thanks! I have added those options to the poll. The gameplay is still evolving but even just messing around in the editor is tons of fun!

  4. Reed Olsen Says:

    Actually, I’m also a big fan of the “Castle Blast” name. Wish I could change my vote 🙂

  5. Matt Nielsen Says:

    “Cannons with Friends” sounds like a great twist on “Words with Friends.” I like using the word “Fortress” in there . . . and the word “Pwn’d”

  6. Kalon Says:

    I just thought of one. How about FriendlyFire?

  7. snielsen Says:

    Added “FriendlyFire” to the options. As for “Cannons with Friends”, does anybody think that Zynga might get a little litigious if anybody else used “with Friends” in a game name?

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