July 1st, 2008
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I havn’t really done very much marketing of my products. Mostly because I want to spend most of my time in actual product development. However, my thoughts sometimes turn to promotion and marketing and how to do it better. Lately I have observed that many products are advertised on what they DON’T have. A product is promoted as not having certain bad things rather than emphasizing that it has these other good things. Thus is the way of business, politics and many other areas of society as of late.

I have decided to think of a few catchy anti-features for Language Aid that are surely going to send sales through the roof. Here are just a few that I have come up with as I have been sitting here:

LAid Marketing

Who needs boring feature lists detailing what a product DOES have. When people see the substantial list of what Language Aid doesn’t have, I am sure they will think twice before passing up purchasing such a great program! Perhaps now I have found my true calling…

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  1. kalaxy Says:

    Awesome, truely awesome. Now if only I had a mac.

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