MDBG plugin for Language Aid released!

October 15th, 2007
Spencer Nielsen Follow snielsen42 on Twitter
MDBG logo

At long last we have another plugin for Language Aid! Today a plugin for the Chinese dictionary lookup site MDBG was released for Language Aid version 1.1. This plugin is similar in function to the WWJDIC plugin in that it can take small or large chunks of Chinese text, send them off to the MDBG which provides dictionary lookups for words that it parses out of the text and then display the results. Much thanks goes to the administrator of the MDBG who was very cooperative and helpful in the development of the plugin! You can get the MDBG plugin by clicking on the “Add New Modules” button the Language Aid preference pane and selecting the MDBG plugin. You may need to wait a bit before it shows up in the plugin modules list after installing and restart Language Aid to get it to work correctly. If you know of a web service that can perform translation or dictionary lookups for your favorite language let me know. Also, Language Aid 1.1.1 is just around the corner with some small (but nice) new features.

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