What’s the password?

July 28th, 2007
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iPhone Passcode

I had an interesting thought the other day as I set up my iPhone. When setting up my security lockout number I realized that I didn’t actually know what my bank’s pin number was. This is because my bank pin number is a derivative of another number that I know and my hands just do the right thing as it constructs the derivative of my memorized number. I thought about how this might be useful if someone was ever interrogating me through drugs or sleepiness because I honestly don’t know the answer off the top of my head. I would have to sit there and work through the numbers one by one to construct what the pin actually is. It reminds me of the “Gnilleps” card in Cranium where you have to spell a word backwards. It is fairly difficult for me to do because that is contrary to how my brain visualizes and catalogs the word, but if given enough time I can slowly crank it out.

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  1. kalaxy Says:

    Most of my passwords are derivations of somthing that I already know. I’ve never thought of it but that it is a great way to protect passwords. Either you have to be fully conscious and aware to derive the password or you are not mentally capable of it. Your password wouldn’t just slip out.
    I guess torture would still work. 😉

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