Neo Geo Cart Conversions

June 3rd, 2006
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Neo Geo

I am pleased to announce the first of many tech oriented articles that will be placed here on the Blue Lotus Blog. Neo Geo Cart Conversions applies the black art of hardware hacking to one of the best video game systems ever. But this isn’t a plain old mod, this hackjob lets you play previously unattainable (read unaffordable) games for realistic prices! Although it isn’t extremely difficult, it can be an expensive mistake if done incorrectly. Come learn all about the underground world of converting arcade Neo Geo games to work with their counterpart brethren in the home.

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  1. Nur Says:

    metal slug changed my life its one of the best neo geo games imho, i had maagicin lord on my neo geo aes i personally dont like itas far as other titles i would recommended (that are on the wii)king of fighters 94samurai showdownking of monstersmetal slug 2the games on the wii are just a taste of neo-geo though i would say if you like thoes you should look into getting a neo geo aesbut be warned it can be very expensive and addictive a orignal copy of metal slug can run you several thousand dollars

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